Sleepover Mania is Wisconsin's first, unique sleepover party extravaganza for kids (boys and girls), teens, and adults.  We specialize in creating beautiful, handmade, luxury-themed tent parties for any special occasion.  

For parents of young kids and teens and those looking to enjoy a good time, planning an event can be one of the most stressful occasions. 

Far from the days when a party consisted of cake, candles and some basic games, today’s birthday parties have become more elaborate, depending on the type of experience you want to have for your child or yourself.

In 2017, the concept of Sleepover Mania came to a self-proclaimed Party Maven (an expert or connoisseur of parties) after researching ways to enhance the overnight slumber party experience.
Fast forward two years later (2020), Sleepover Mania has become Wisconsin's first, sleepover extravaganza!  Sleepover Mania specializes in creating extraordinary and memorable slumber parties for kids celebrating birthdays, good grades, team bonding activities, or graduations, and, adults just wanting to have a good night in!  
We would love to help you create a beautiful authentic sleepover event, that will leave your child (and their friends) with the most amazing memories they will cherish forever!

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Reasons to Celebrate

Birthday Parties | Good Grades | Ladies' Night | Team Bonding | Bridal Parties | Just Because | Family Gatherings | Friendsgiving | "Galentine's" | Church Youth Groups | and much more!

What could be more fun than hanging out with your friends, hassle free in the comfort of your own home, with a customized theme?

Our sleepover packages include your choice of an A-framed or teepee tent, soft mattresses with fresh, clean cotton sheets, luxurious decorative cushions, twinkling fairy lights, bed trays with glowing lanterns for each guest, rugs, and more!  What are you waiting for?

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